March Madness Betting

The frenzy of activity that occurs in college basketball circles for three weeks in March is known as “March Madness.” The term refers to the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Men’s Division I Basketball Championship which had its beginnings in 1939. The event, which is an elimination tournament involving 65 teams, takes place at various USA locations.

Wagering by both rookie and veteran fans is understandably widespread, and because of the hundreds of choices available each week, you can make money betting on the games during this highly popular sports event. Here are tips to help you.
You must do your homework conscientiously. There are no short cuts. Watch as many college basketball games as possible. Become thoroughly familiar not only with the teams as a whole, but also with individual players and their styles; their weaknesses and their strengths. Studying recaps and box scores is useful, but it’s no substitute for really getting to know the team players. And guard against betting on a team simply because of its name or reputation. If your research indicates that it’s probably overrated, then don’t hesitate to bet against it.

Don’t disregard home court advantage. It’s a huge factor when deciding how to wager. Also take into account a home court advantage that’s created by loyal fans who will make a three- or four-hour journey to see their favored team play. The support they give is invaluable in inspiring victory. Take the time to learn the relevant facts before making your wager.
Find out which teams are without key players because of injuries. In college basketball, there’s not always a replacement with skills to match those of the absent player. If you believe that a team will be hard pressed to win when such a situation arises, then consider betting against it.

In betting over/unders, study the teams’ tempo. In general, experts suggest that you can make money if you can find a low spread with two “up tempo” teams where there’s a great deal of scoring, or a high spread with two “low tempo” teams where the scoring is low.
Study the teams’ final scores for the most recent five or so games. Pay particular attention to who has been getting the minutes and who has been scoring. In addition to box scores and game recaps, look to see if the teams have played each other before in the season and what the outcome was.

It’s easy to throw caution to the wind when caught up in the excitement of “March Madness” and to bet on a hunch. But if you keep a cool head, study the games carefully and are selective in your betting, you can make good money and still have lots of fun.



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