Horse Racing Abbreviations

To help you read and understand horseracing sheets, here are some common abbreviations.

Horse Color and Sex

b reddish-brown color
blk black color
br brown color
c colt (young male horses, usually four or five years old)
ch chestnut (deep reddish-brown color)
f filly (young female horse, four years old or younger)
g gelding (a castrated male horse)
gr gray color
h a male horse five years old or more
m mare (a female horse, five years old or more)

Track Sizes and Conditions

The numbers refer to one mile and parts of one mile. For example:

1 one mile
½ one-half mile
¾ three-quarters of a mile
ft fast (the best track condition)
gd good (a mostly dry track; still wet in parts)
hy heavy (less fast as a god track but mot as difficult as a muddy one)
my muddy (a wet track with a soft base)
sy sloppy ( a track where the base remains firm but where puddles may exist)

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