Baseball Betting Tips

Despite its unpredictability, baseball still offers opportunities to make money through intelligent wagering. Here are tips to help you.

Money line

Whereas there’s a point spread when betting in major sports such as football and basketball, there’s a money line in baseball. This means that in order for you to win, your selected team must win, no matter what the final score is. If you want to win your bet, you must fully understand the money line.

The pitcher

Knowledgeable baseball enthusiasts regard pitchers as the most important element in a team’s success. They estimate that pitching contributes between 65 per cent and 85 per cent of that success. It makes good sense, therefore, to bet on a team whose starting pitcher is hot. This is because he is likely to be in peak physical condition, with no minor injury to distract him. Consequently, he will be very focused and have excellent control of the ball. He will pitch with confidence. All these elements will make for his team’s success.
Do make time to check the pitcher’s performance in his previous three games. If he has been pitching well, he’s likely to do the same in his next starting pitch.

Home field advantage

Although this may not be as significant in baseball as it is in other major sports, it is nevertheless likely to be your best bet. However, if you discover a road team that’s playing impressively, and whose pitcher is consistently pitching well, then you may want to give that team serious consideration. But first do your homework!

Betting overs

Consider betting overs when there are two starting pitchers who are inexperienced or who are pitching poorly. In the over be, you win if the total score of the teams in a game is more than the number posted; you lose if the total number is less, and if the total number is the same as posted there’s a tie.

By studying the statistics you can learn how the starting pitchers performed in their last three games. If they fared poorly, they’ll probably perform poorly again in their next game.
In addition to making yourself familiar with pitchers’ performances, try to determine, through careful study, the number of runs a team is capable of producing, on average, over the season. The time spent on this exercise will be well worth your while.

Money management

Experienced baseball bettors will tell you that even a few losses can substantially deplete your bankroll. They suggest betting only about 2 per cent of your bankroll on any one game until you begin to win consistently. You can then increase the percentage by degrees until you reach about 5 per cent of your bankroll. Experts suggest decreasing your betting range as you lose and, when you’re losing consistently, to stop betting for the season. After that, review your betting principles before starting to wager again.

Study the game

It cannot be emphasized enough that you must devote time to studying the game of baseball before you can be a successful bettor. Become as knowledgeable of the game as you can. See as many games as possible, either in person or on TV. This way, your wagering will not be driven by impulse but instead by good judgment based on sound knowledge.

During the summer, baseball is probably the only major sport in the USA that offers opportunities for betting. But there’s no need for desperation. There are several games taking place each week. Armed with a clear understanding of the game, and with the findings from your careful research, you have little to fear. You can go ahead and bet with confidence.


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