Among the numerous points to consider before making your bet on any baseball team is the quality of its pitcher.
Experts generally regard the pitcher as the most vital component of a team’s success. They believe that a team will perform according to how the pitcher throws the ball.

With this in mind, here are some questions to ask when doing the necessary pre-betting research.

  • Is the pitcher’s concentration flawless?
  • Does he give undivided attention to the target?
  • Has he been throwing the ball over the plate at least 60 per cent of the time?
  • Is the starting pitcher hot?
  • Is he throwing confidently?
  • Is he in good general health and has no minor injury?
  • How did he do in his last three games?

A good source of information on pitchers is the Internet. If the statistics (stats) show that the pitcher has had good innings in his last three games, the chances are good that he will continue to throw well. If the opposite is true, he will probably do poorly.

It’s the pitchers that largely determine a line. Some experts even believe that pitching is of more significance to a win than team strength. This is not to discount the value of other players on a team but instead to alert you to how important it is to know as much as you possibly can about a team’s pitchers.